Fore Systems switches will support MPLS

Fore Systems Inc. of Pittsburgh will support the Multiprotocol Label Switching standard
in its ForeRunner ASX-4000 switches late this year.

MPLS, an Internet Engineering Task Force specification for Layer 3 switching, uses tags
with forwarding information to speed packets on their way.

It saves switches and routers from having to look up destination addresses in Internet
routing tables, and it can assign various quality-of-service levels to traffic across IP
and asynchronous transfer mode WANs.

As IP continues to gain momentum for enterprise applications, MPLS on ATM backbone
switches could make possible new IP services such as voice over IP, IP faxing and virtual
private networks.

The ASX-4000 has up to 40 Gbps of nonblocking switching capacity and accepts up to 64
OC-12c or 16 OC-48c connections.

Contact Fore Systems at 888-404-0444.  

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