Group plans satellite network to tap virtual data warehouses

Using a constellation of 288 low-Earth-orbiting-satellites, Teledesic LLC and its
partners will create the world’s first network to provide affordable, worldwide
fiber-like access to telecommunications.

Called the Teledesic Network, the $9 billion project will enable broadband
telecommunications access for business, schools and individuals everywhere on the planet
and will allow easy access to giant virtual data warehouses.

The company says it has no plans to market services directly to end-users. Instead, it
will enable service providers in countries worldwide to extend their networks. This
feature has piqued the interest of federal users with personnel in far-flung outposts
around the world.

The Teledesic Network, which is designed to support millions of simultaneous users,
will consist of more than 250 satellites divided into 12 planes, each with 24 satellites.

To make efficient use of the radio spectrum, frequencies are allocated dynamically and
reused many times within each satellite footprint. The Teledesic Network supports
bandwidth-on-demand, allowing a user to request and release capacity as needed. The
network is slated to go live by 2002 and finish in 2003.   

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