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Agencies that want to distribute incoming transactions among
intranet or Internet servers and ensure automatic failover can buy load-balancing hardware
and software from BTG Inc.’s National Institutes of Health ImageWorld

The Intelligent Broker 4000 from IPivot Inc. of Poway, Calif., prioritizes incoming
network traffic to improve response time for high-priority requests. IPivot’s
load-balancing broker supports standard router protocols such as User Datagram Protocol
and Transmission Control Protocol. It runs under SunSoft Solaris, other Unix operating
systems and Microsoft Windows NT Server.

The $12,183 Intelligent Broker load-balancing server box does response-based load
balancing for single-location Web sites. Geographic load-balancing and intelligent content
routing software cost extra.

Also available on the ImageWorld governmentwide acquisition contract held by BTG of
Fairfax, Va., is the $6,094 Multi-POP Portlet application for the Intelligent Broker. An
Intelligent Content Routing Portlet app costs $1,000.

Unisys Federal Systems has put the PrimeStor network-attached storage system on its NASA
Scientific and Engineering Workstation Procurement II contract.

The redundant, high-capacity Fibre Channel storage system for Windows NT Server 4.0
networks sells for $51,540 in the NAS2000 A20 configuration, which uses NAS Cluster
software for file management. PrimeStor uses up to four processors on two servers for
redundancy. Each server has a 400-MHz Pentium II processor, 256M of cache and a 9G Ultra
Wide SCSI system disk.

The NAS2000 A20, which attaches to the network like a print server, has six 9G
dual-ported Fibre Channel drives. Included in the configuration are a LAN adapter, a
server control switch and an OSM3000 storage module.

The General Services Administration Information Technology Schedule contract
held by DLT Solutions Inc. of Herndon, Va., offers three Autodesk Inc. add-ons for land
development and civil engineering that work with AutoCAD Release 14 under Windows 95 or
Windows NT Workstation 4.0.

The $3,195 AutoCAD Land Development Desktop product includes Autodesk Map 3.0
geographic information system software from the San Rafael, Calif., company. Users can
manipulate points, parcels and roadway plan alignments; do contouring and terrain
modeling; and calculate volumes.

The $2,050 Autodesk Civil Design aids in transportation engineering, hydrology and site
development. The $796 Autodesk Survey collects, downloads and uploads data from the field.

—Bill Murray

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