DARPA funds development test beds for Next Generation Internet prototypes

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has selected two groups to develop
advanced networking research test beds for the Next Generation Internet program.

DARPA over a three-year period will pump $10 million each into the two projects: the
Optical Networking for Regional Access with Multiple Protocols and National Transparent
Optical Networks.

ONRAMP will use optical networking and investigate new approaches for use of Internet
protocols. The NTON project will create ultra-high-speed networks linking Seattle and San
Diego to test advanced applications at speeds up to 1,000 times faster than now available
on the Net.

The ONRAMP consortium has researchers from Ascend Communications Inc. of Westford,
Mass.; AT&T Local of Staten Island, N.Y.; AT&T Research Laboratories of Florham
Park, N.J.; Cabletron Systems Inc. of Rochester, N.H.; JDS-Fitel of Nepean, Ontario; and
the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Lincoln Laboratory in Cambridge, Mass.

The NTON consortium has researchers from GST Telecom Inc. of Vancouver, Wash.; Lawrence
Livermore National Laboratory of Livermore, Calif.; Nortel Networks of McLean, Va.; and
Sprint Corp.

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