Marine Corps lays the groundwork for shift to BPAs for buying PCs and servers

Following close on the Air Force’s switch from requirements buys to blanket
purchasing agreements, the Marine Corps Systems Command will issue a request for
quotations for one or more mandatory BPAs for servers, PCs and notebook computers.

The Corps could release the RFQ as early as this week, Marine officials said. Marine
Corps buyers until now have used the Navy’s Tactical Advanced Computer contracts to
buy most PCs.

The Enterprise BPA draft RFQ, posted on the Web at, estimates that Marines will buy 1,200
servers, 2,500 desktop PCs and 13,000 notebooks each year during the three-year program.

Each Enterprise BPA will have one base year and two option years. The Corps will select
vendors based on best value and on past performance. The Navy, Coast Guard and other
Defense Department agencies also will be able to order through the Enterprise BPAs.

For the notebooks, vendors must bid systems with 300-MHz mobile Pentium processors,
128M of RAM, SuperDisk or Zip drives, user-removable CD-ROM and hard drives, and Microsoft
Windows 98 or Windows NT 4.0.

Desktop Management Interface 2.0 software is also mandatory. The winning vendor also
must preload special Marine Corps software.

The draft RFQ calls for three-year warranties and on-site, next-business-day service
within the continental United States plus a best effort to meet the same requirement at
sites abroad. 

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