Secure Unix server connections

ICE.PPN from J. River Inc. of Minneapolis, a PC-to-Unix connectivity developer, secures
access to Unix servers for on-site and remote users. It guards end-to-end connections with
or without a firewall.

Its protection relies on the Secure Sockets Layer, Digital Signature Standard
certificates for server authentication, Diffie-Helman key exchange and triple Data
Encryption Standard encryption. It encrypts all Telnet and File Transfer Protocol

A 30-day trial version of the application is downloadable from at  A server license with five clients
is $1,195.

Contact J. River at 612-677-8200.

The Metrix Web Console from Cabletron Systems Inc. of Rochester, N.H., adds a Web
interface to Cabletron’s Spectrum network management product.

The Metrix console, written in Hypertext Markup Language and Java is designed for
personnel who diagnose problems and deliver fixes from remote locations.

Metrix Web Console sells at an introductory price of $7,200.

Contact Cabletron at 603-332-9400.

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