Compaq will offer Linux version to work with its own high-end Unix

Compaq Computer Corp. said last week it will deliver Unix servers at all price points
by providing compatible versions of open-source Linux and Tru64 Unix.

Tru64 is a high-end Unix operating system that Compaq obtained last year as part of its
acquisition of Digital Equipment Corp. Initial demand for Linux on Compaq servers will
likely come from high-performance technical computing users and Internet providers that
already operate distributed environments, Compaq officials said.

Compaq’s Linux move follows earlier adoption of the open-source OS by leading
server makers Dell Computer Corp., Hewlett-Packard Co., IBM Corp. and Silicon Graphics
Inc. All but Compaq and IBM, however, will offer Linux as an alternative to Microsoft
Windows NT and its successor, Windows 2000, rather than making it compatible with their
high-end Unix OSes.

Compaq has begun porting its Tru64 Unix Alpha Fortan and C compilers and their run-time
libraries to Linux on Digital AlphaServers, and it will offer additional compilers and
development tools as users demand them.

The company will expand its call center support services to Linux on Alpha as well as
on servers with Intel Corp. chips within 90 days, officials said.

In May, Compaq is set to ship a Linux-ready, 500-MHz AlphaServer with 512M of RAM, 4M
of cache memory and a 4G hard drive, priced at $23,900.

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