PageMaker 6.5 Plus is not just for the graphics expert

Adobe Systems Inc.’s PageMaker 6.5 Plus, the first new release of the electronic
pagination package in two years, aims at the typical user rather than the graphics expert.

Microsoft Windows users can browse and search PageMaker 6.5 Plus image and template
files through a palette. The package comes with 4,700 stock illustrations in Adobe
Illustrator format and a file converter for Microsoft Publisher 97 and 98 programs. The
toolbar resembles that of Microsoft Office, with shortcuts for PageMaker 6.5 Plus

Bundled with PageMaker is Adobe’s Photoshop 5.0 Limited Edition for image editing.
Its stock of 300-dot-per-inch photographs is suitable for four-color printing.

Photoshop 5.0 lets PageMaker users adjust brightness and color, create and save images
with as many as 99 layers, and apply 95 special effects such as distortion, image
sharpening, softening and stylizing.

Windows 98 users can import their scanned images directly into the limited-edition
version of Photoshop.

PageMaker 6.5 Plus gives easily identifiable directions for each print-ready document
to aid in setting up press jobs.

Distiller 4.0, another included program, simplifies conversion to Adobe Portable
Document Format for users who want to submit press jobs via e-mail or removable media.

PageMaker 6.5 Plus is $499 for Mac OS, Windows 9x or Windows NT 4.0.

Upgraders from previous versions pay $99; upgraders from competing products pay $299.

Contact Adobe at 408-536-6000. 

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