Acrobat 4.0 viewer reduces task time to maneuver PDF documents

The new Adobe Acrobat 4.0 viewer makes it easier to create Portable Document Format
documents, use Web content, secure documents and recycle content within .pdf files,
according to Adobe Systems Inc. officials.

Users can download entire Web sites, for example, and distribute, edit, print and scale
the sites within Acrobat 4.0.

Dragging and dropping a file onto the Acrobat icon converts it into PDF, and the file
can be e-mailed as an attachment that others can view.

Working within Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint and Word documents, users can convert them
to .pdf files by running the bundled PDFMaker utility, without changing the original

The new Acrobat also works with Lotus Notes groupware.

Acrobat 4.0 delivers press-ready files for printing. It supports Adobe’s
PostScript Level 3 page-description language.

Workgroups can attach audio clips, notes and text blocks to their Acrobat 4.0

The documents can be stamped Authorized, Confidential, Draft or Final, and labeled in
other ways. Acrobat 4.0 has Adobe’s SelfSign Signatures digital signature technology,
which uses a public-key infrastructure from Entrust Technologies Inc. of Richardson,
Texas. Administrators can insert third-party digital certificate plug-ins, too.

Acrobat 4.0 starts at $249, or $99 for registered upgraders.

It runs under Mac OS, Microsoft Windows 98 and Microsoft NT Workstation 4.0; however,
the digital signature, table capture and Web capture capabilities are not available to
Macintosh users. Adobe officials said 130 government agencies use the Acrobat viewer.

Contact Adobe at 408-536-6000.

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