HP's portable CD-sized scanner can edit, e-mail or fax document afterit's captured

The $699 Hewlett-Packard CapShare 910 mobile 12.5-ounce scanner runs Microsoft Windows
CE 2.0 and can capture a page in about six seconds.

The CapShare stores up to 50 monochrome, letter-sized page images in Adobe Portable
Document Format or Tagged Image File Format. Users view the pages on the unit’s LCD
monitor and transport them to a PC or printer through a standard serial port or infrared
port. Once captured, a document can be edited, e-mailed or faxed.

The CapShare 910 is the size of a portable CD player. A user clicks and releases the
capture button, slides the device across a page or flat surface with a free-form swiping
motion and then presses the capture button.

Two nickel-metal hydride batteries power up to 100 captures before a recharge,
according to HP officials. The CapShare 910 has a Microsoft Windows Explorer interface.

Contact Hewlett-Packard Co. at 800-752-0900.  

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