Upgrades equip products to handle fully redundant copper-to-fiber conversions

Transition Networks Inc. designs products that mediate between copper and fiber cabling
on mixed networks.

The Minneapolis company has upgraded its existing Conversion Center with a fully
redundant copper-to-fiber converter for Fast Ethernet, a T1/E1 copper-to-fiber converter
and a better management module.

Transition Networks president and chief executive officer C.S. Mondelli said 85 percent
of the company’s business comes from fiber upgrades to existing networks, but new
networks often cannot afford all-fiber cabling, either.

He said the conversion products put fiber on segments where it is important to have
fiber and copper wiring where copper makes more sense.

Bandwidth is the big driver for bringing fiber into a network, Mondelli said.

The Conversion Center’s 16-slot chassis can mix and match cards for converting
unshielded twisted-pair signals to fiber and converting single-mode fiber signals to
multimode on Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, asynchronous transfer mode, Fiber Distributed Data
Interface and token-ring networks.

An optional management module now supports Hewlett-Packard Co. OpenView and IBM Corp.
NetView management platforms. The module had worked only with OpenView for HP-UX. Now it
is compatible with SunSoft Solaris and Microsoft Windows NT networking operating systems.
The module still costs $395.

The Fast Ethernet media converter supplies redundant connections on both copper and
fiber interfaces. Each medium has a primary and a secondary port with automatic failover.
The converter switches back to the primary link after a problem is resolved.

The media converter comes in a standalone version or as a chassis card for the
Conversion Center, starting at $699.

The T1/E1 copper-to-fiber converter installs on the customer premises side of a T1
line. It translates voice, frame relay or IP traffic coming off a copper T1 line for up to
2 kilometers on multimode fiber and 8 km on single-mode fiber. It comes in standalone and
chassis card versions, starting at $745.

All three new Transition Networks products will be available next month.

Contact Transition Networks at 800-526-9267.  

About the Author

William Jackson is a Maryland-based freelance writer.

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