WorldMark servers gain speed, cut prices

The WorldMark 4800 and WorldMark 5200 servers that NCR Corp. were set to ship last
month are an order of magnitude faster than their predecessors and about half the price,
according to NCR officials.

The gains come from 450-MHz Pentium II Xeon processors and faster interconnect
technology. The WorldMark 5200’s Bynet switch connects four-way processing nodes at
80 megabytes/sec.

Both of the massively parallel servers run Teradata Release 3, the latest version of
NCR’s warehouse database manager, under the MP/RAS version of Unix.

The WorldMark 4800 scales to four nodes, or 16 processors, and supports up to a 1T data
warehouse. The WorldMark 5200 scales to 512 nodes, or 2,048 processors, and handles up to
100T in the warehouse. A 16-processor WorldMark 4800 costs $794,000 and a 32-processor
WorldMark 5200 $1.98 million.

NCR sold earlier generations to the IRS, the Army and Air Force Exchange Service, and
Michigan. AAFES is one of 50 organizations that has more than 1T of data in its Teradata
warehouse, said Jeff Jones, NCR systems vice president for marketing.

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