Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

There's an easier way

A recent product review, 'Easy and fast, Exchange Accelerator is a great filter' [GCN, June 14, Page 32], suggested one way to avoid the problem of the cost of downloading large e-mail across long-distance phone connections. That solution requires a user to run Microsoft Outlook and LapLink Enterprise Exchange Accelerator from Traveling Software Inc. In addition, the server must be running Microsoft Exchange Server and Windows NT 4.0.

While your solution works, Eudora Light, Qualcomm Inc.'s free Post Office Protocol-3 e-mail client, allows a user to ignore messages that are larger than a user-defined size. I use 40K. Then I can selectively download those messages as desired.

Additionally, Eudora also allows mail filtering and does so across any POP-3 connection. Outlook, Enterprise Exchange Accelerator, Exchange Server or NT 4.0 are not required.

So let's review. Your recommendation has considerable software and hardware requirements, in addition to cost. The Eudora alternatives are platform-independent for both server and client and are free. Am I missing something?

Tom Vilberg

Clarion, Ohio

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