Stay linked and back up files with new products

Stay linked and back up files with new products

Lotus QuickPlace, which lets managers

Need a quick brainstorming session?

Lotus QuickPlace is a Web-based team-ware application that lets managers set up an instant, shared workspace on either the Internet or their corporate intranet.

Remote users need only a Web browser to access the workspace, where they can communicate with each other, share information and organize documents.

QuickPlace runs on Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 or higher and requires a minimum of 90M of hard drive space and 128M of RAM on the server.

End users need Netscape 4.0 or Microsoft Internet Explorer 4, plus Lotus Notes 4.6 and Windows 9x or NT.

QuickPlace is $1,222 and $49 per user for a client access license.

Visit the Lotus Web page at

Back up on the road with PowerBak

Worried about what would happen if you were on the road and a thief stole your notebook and all your important files with it?

PowerBak from Storage Technology Corp. of Louisville, Colo., lets mobile users continually back up data on their notebooks via Internet or dial-up connections to their office server.

PowerBak does more than just back up files. The server creates a mirror image of the entire PC hard drive, operating system, applications and setup files.

After the first backup, the server completes a backup of only files that are new or have changed.

StorageTek's PowerBak package is a combination of hardware, software, training and technical support.

PowerBak server is designed for the enterprise environment, letting organizations back up their mobile users with StorageTek's OPENstorage 9150 disk array and 9730 automated tape library. The hardware resides on the organization's site and is maintained by the information systems manager.

In the event of a disaster, a mobile user can contact the manager, who can burn a single CD-ROM or a set of CD-ROMs containing a complete mirror image of the user's hard drive and then send the disk to the user.

Visit the StorageTek Web page at

These office supplies are Web tools

Notebook-packing travelers using Millennium Office from Seattle Lab of Kirkland, Wash., don't have to be jittery about losing critical phone numbers, addresses or other information while on the road. Millennium Office data resides on their organization's server, not on their notebooks.

Millennium Office is a Web-based host application that gives remote users secure access to everyday office tools such as e-mail, address books, calendars, message banks, notes and expense reports.

When users log on, they are immediately notified of what appointments they have scheduled that day, the number of e-mail messages they have received and the number of items in their message bank.

Mobile users need only a Web browser to access Millennium Office. On the server side, the Windows NT program runs on Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 and requires a minimum of 64M of RAM and a 2.5G hard drive, assuming that SQL is on a separate server.

Users also can work offline with Millennium Office Briefcase and synchronize updates and changes when they log back on.

While Millennium Office can be used as a groupware and messaging solution for enterprises, Seattle Lab also is touting Millennium Office as a value-added service for Internet service providers and portal operators.

The basic price for Millennium Office is $499 for five users.

Visit the Seattle Lab Web page at puts Web in your palm from AvantGo Inc. of San Mateo, Calif., is a Web-enabled interactive service that offers wireless handheld computer users more than 100 free optimized channels for news and other information.''

Channels include The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, CCN Financial Network, USA Today, Bloomberg, FedEx Tracking and a variety of others.

The service is available for users of both Palm connected organizers and handhelds running Windows CE.

Users can select from available channels and customize their content or build their own channels because can access any Web page and reformat it for delivery to mobile devices.

Handheld users using a wireless modem access through wireless IP service providers such as AT&T Wireless Services.

AvantGo generates revenues from the site by collecting a percentage of transaction revenues from retail traffic passing through the site.

Visit the AvantGo Web page at

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