SAS tweaks its information delivery to include support for CORBA, JavaBeans

SAS tweaks its information delivery to include support for CORBA, JavaBeans

By Florence Olsen

GCN Staff

The release of SAS System 8 this fall will cap five years of architectural re-engineering by SAS Institute Inc. of Cary, N.C.

The information delivery architecture, although proprietary, relies on standard interfaces and communications protocols, officials said at a recent SAS user conference.

The client-server SAS System 8 will have standards-based components for data storage, server-based data analysis, and client-based reporting and distribution, said Jim Davis, information technology strategist for data warehousing.

Version 7 already had Web-enabled the SAS System. The new version will support the Common Object Request Broker Architecture, Microsoft Component Object Model and Distributed COM, and the JavaBeans object architecture.

Central features of SAS System 8 are publish-and-subscribe technology and a metadata repository based on the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol, Davis said.

The platform-independent storage architecture will support Open Database Connectivity, Java Database Connectivity, Structured Query Language, and Object Linking and Embedding Database (OLE/DB) industry standards.

More than one

An internal hybrid online analytical processing router will act as the interface to data stored on multiple platforms. It also will sort aggregated data by type across multiple platforms or by aggregation layers. Its external interface to applications will be through OLE/DB.''

Storage options include SAS databases, multidimensional and relational databases, specialized data stores and offline storage, Davis said.

Hewlett-Packard Co. engineers helped SAS optimize the Scalable Performance Data Server in SAS System 8 for the 64-bit HP 9000 V2500 server running HP-UX 11.'' The new architecture will include thin-client versions of SAS' Enterprise Guide and Enterprise Reporter reporting tools.''

The company's Java thin-client suite, AppDev Studio, provides a point-and-click integrated development environment for reusable information delivery components based on JavaBeans and Common Gateway Interface specifications, Davis said.

Contact SAS Institute at 919-677-8000.

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