Shrink your coding for faster loading with HTML freeware

Shrink your coding for faster loading with HTML freeware

After and before views look the

By Michael Cheek
GCN Staff

Bloated Web pages take extra time to load, and page creation tools such as Microsoft FrontPage or NetObjects Fusion from NetObjects Inc. of Redwood City, Calif., produce a lot of bloat.

The webmaster often sees and deletes the unneeded code, but it takes time as well as expertise. HTML Shrinker 1.0 comes to the rescue, removing unneeded spaces, extra returns and other superfluous coding.

Here's an example: The Hypertext Markup Language underlying Web documents sometimes puts unnecessary quotation marks around items. This typical line places a photo on a Web page:
''img border='0' src='images/govt.gif' width='169' height='169' alt='Government Office'

HTML Shrinker gets rid of all but one set of quotation marks to make the line read like this:'
''img border=0 src=images/govt.gif width=169 height=169 alt='Government Office'

In that one line, HTML Shrinker saved 8 bytes. I ran it on the HTML code of several pages generated for my review of Web page authors [GCN, June 14, Page 31]. A couple of pages lost about 2 percent of their size. Many shrank 10 percent to 20 percent, and a couple lost 38 percent. A page that originally measured 12,217 bytes went down to 7,544 bytes.

Box Score''''
HTML Shrinker 1.0

Web code condenser

Harald Heim; e-mail: [email protected]

Price: Free

+Optimizes Web pages for faster

'Optimized pages sometimes
cannot be opened in original

Real-life requirements:

Windows 9x or NT

Remember: Once a page has shrunk, you may have trouble editing it in your authoring application. Code that had been run through HTML Shrinker was especially confusing to Microsoft FrontPage 2000, for example.

I see a niche for HTML Shrinker in optimizing pages for Web posting while the webmaster keeps the original on a local computer for later editing.

HTML Shrinker generates a backup copy of the original that can be easily restored with a click.

The little 1.4M applet is freeware. HTML Shrinker's maker asks those who use it to create a link for any optimized Web page to his site at


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