Just go with the stream

Perle Systems Inc. has added to its Specialix XStream family the LANstream2000 and Jetstream4000 multifunction devices for serial and LAN networking.

The $1,695 LANstream2000 turnkey platform combines terminal and remote access server capability with an integrated hub and Ethernet LAN connectivity.

It can be set up with either 16 serial ports and eight hub ports or eight serial ports and 16 hub ports.

Both LANstream2000 and Jetstream4000 come with a software suite for remote management via the Internet, and both are flash-upgradeable over local or remote connections.

New Jersey uses the devices from Perle Systems of Campbell, Calif.

Contact Perle Systems at 905-946-5000.

Hypercom doubles IP capacity

Hypercom Network Systems claims to double the capacity of its existing voice over IP gateways with a compression module called CompressionPlus.

The Hypercom gateways support up to 10 T1 circuits per chassis, or 80 per network node.

A high-end Hypercom 6000 network node configured with CompressionPlus can support up to 2,400 voice channels, according to company statements.

Hypercom Corp. of Phoenix makes a channel service unit for CompressionPlus.

Contact Hypercom at 602-504-5000.


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