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Briefing Book

No universal e-mail. Although some of its members call the 2nd Marine Division the most technically advanced division in the Corps, don't think that all the unit's soldiers at Camp LeJeune, N.C., have e-mail access, or even computers.

There are 16,000 soldiers in the division, but a minority have e-mail access, said Maj. Jon Aldridge, operations officer.'Five thousand users are deployed at any given time, and one-third of them have e-mail accounts through the Marine Expeditionary Unit they are assigned to, he said.

Privates first class and riflemen don't require e-mail to do their work, said 1st Lt. Dave Berardinelli, the division's assistant information systems management officer. They receive important messages from noncommissioned officers and staff noncommissioned officers.

The Marine Corps needs more network bandwidth before all soldiers have e-mail, said Maj. Lance Bryant, 2nd Marine Division's information systems management officer. Commanders are also concerned about security, he said, because deployed soldiers may occasionally give away troop movements when e-mailing their families.

Wearing two hats. Col. Michael R. Mazzucchi assumed dual positions last month as deputy to the commanding general for acquisition and director of the Army's Communications-Electronics Systems Management Center at Fort Monmouth, N.J.

Mazzucchi, recently nominated by President Clinton and confirmed by the Senate for promotion to the rank of brigadier general, manages the acquisition, development, product improvement, fielding and testing of major command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, electronic warfare and sensors, and CECOM information management programs.

He previously served as Whitfill Central Technical Facility director at Fort Hood, Texas, working on software and systems integration for the 4th Infantry Division's 1st Brigade'the Army's first digitized division.

Tinkering with software. In Los Angeles, Tinker Air Force Base's Software Division recently won the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering's Software Process Achievement Award for its testing and industrial automation functions.

In 1996, the division was the first federal organization to achieve a Software Engineering Institute Software Capability Maturity Model Level 4 rating. It has reduced by 37 percent the amount of effort required to design, develop and deliver a test program set, from 1,600 to 1,000 labor hours, officials said.

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