In this competitive market, it pays to keep a Who's Who of vendors

In this competitive market, it pays to keep a Who's Who of vendors

Because of stiff competition in the removable storage market, some of the manufacturers you might have expected to see on the chart included in this guide are no longer in business.

Among the casualties is Avatar Peripherals Inc., maker of the Shark 250 and Nomai. The company recently was bought by Imation Enterprises Corp.

Computer Connections of America Inc. no longer sells removable magnetic media devices, and Syquest Technology Inc. is in bankruptcy proceedings, though the company promises that its products are still being supported.

Meanwhile, others are moving in to take their places.

Addonics Technologies Corp. has adapted Iomega Corp.'s 100M Zip drive into its PocketZip units that support both PC Card and Universal Serial Bus connections. Caleb Technology Corp., Castlewood Systems Inc. and Sony Electronics Inc. have introduced new magnetic removable storage technologies.

Other companies, such as CNF Inc., VST Technologies and Winstation Systems Corp. are busy retrofitting Zip and SuperDisk units to fit the specialized internal bays of popular notebook PCs from Apple Corp., Compaq Computer Corp., IBM Corp., NEC America Inc. and others.

Chances are good that if you buy an internal Zip or SmartDisk from one of these particular computer manufacturers, it will have been built around an Imation or Iomega unit and adapted to fit a specific computer.

'J.B. Miles

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