FTS lauds performance of 26 systems employees

FTS lauds performance of 26 systems employees

The General Services Administration's Federal Technology Service and GCN recently honored 26 employees for excellence in systems development management and implementation.

The GCN employees received their awards at a GCN Forum luncheon in Washington.

Honored were:

' David Adler, David Jarrell, Constance Oden and Michael C. Smith, members of the Federal Computer Incident Response Capability Team, for providing an around-the-clock security response unit and an environment for sharing systems security information.

' Lisa Akers, program manager for GSA's Millennia procurement, and Iris Faltz, Millennia contracting officer, for creating and implementing this multiple-award contract to support large systems integration projects.

' Sabrina H. Crane, telecommunications specialist, for managing the GSA Wire and Cable Program.

' Kenneth A. Douglas, Information Technology Solutions Division staff member, for assisting FTS in providing contractor support to client agencies.

' Pete Fridman, director of FTS' Service Acquisition Center I, for his work as project manager for the Metropolitan Area Acquisitions of local telecommunications services in regions nationwide.

' Robert Goudy, Edgar LeFebvre, Lee Moore and Charles Summers, members of the Greater Southwest Region's Indian Health Services Telecommunications Project Team, for developing and implementing a prescription voice mail system for the Indian Health Services hospital in Albuquerque, N.M.

' Howard Grizzle, project manager for GSA's Seat Management Program task order, and Gabrielle James, task order contracting officer, for helping GSA define and implement an acquisition plan for the first use of the governmentwide Seat Management Program.

' Mary N. Kenney, computer specialist, for turning around the Commerce, Internet and E-mail Access contracts.

' Paul McDermott, assistant regional administrator, for implementing the Sales Force Automation System to monitor leads for increasing revenue through client services.

' Carmen B. Moore, IT Solutions Division technical services chief in GSA's Southeast Sunbelt Region, for leading a branch that provides $40 million worth of services annually to about 50 government clients.

' Charlotte Nevels, chief of the Systems Administration Branch in the GSA Heartland Region, for helping her staff learn, adapt and implement ever-changing telecom technologies.

' William L. Nichols, supervisory electronics engineer, for leading the agency's governmentwide year 2000 telecom team.

' Mary Parks, director of contracts and the Federal Acquisition Technology Services program in the GSA Heartland Region, for her outreach efforts to small businesses.

' Lou Ann Prasifka, IT Solutions Division acting account executive, for her assistance in the award of a technical services requirements contract in GSA's Greater Southwest Region.

' Sybille E. Seltmann, FTS 2001 contracting officer, for her leadership in GSA's long-haul communications procurement.

' Ann Williams, project manager for the Federal Systems Integration and Management Center's Agency for International Development Prime project, and Stephen D. Viar, AID Prime contracting officer, for managing a $250 million program that provides systems support to AID.

' Stephen A. Vehec, telecommunications manager, for overseeing GSA's year 2000 work for local telecom services.


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