Latest Norton AntiVirus version is a security blanket for NT Server

Latest Norton AntiVirus version is a security blanket for NT Server

Norton AntiVirus 5.0 for Windows NT Server can receive not only the latest virus definition updates but also can adapt the way it detects hostile code.

By Jason Byrne

GCN Staff

It takes a scorecard to keep track of the antivirus software industry, but Symantec Corp.'s Norton line is a long and, for the most part, successful breed.

Norton AntiVirus 5.0 for Microsoft Windows NT Server looks and feels much like previous versions, with a bit added under the hood.

Backed up by Symantec's AntiVirus Research Center, the package, like others in the AntiVirus family, can be set to automatically download the latest virus definition updates over the Internet or dial-up connections.

Also, the program itself can be updated to handle new viruses that might require changing its ways of detecting hostile code.

Norton AntiVirus 5.0 for NT Server can also be configured to download and distribute updates internally, easing congestion on Internet connections and assuring uniformity in virus updates.

Box Score '''''''''
Norton AntiVirus 5.0

for Windows NT Server

Server protection for NT

Symantec Corp.;

Cupertino, Calif.;

tel. 408-253-9600

Price: $415 for 10 nodes

+   Top-of-the-line virus detection

+   Easily configurable and manageable across an enterprise network

Real-life requirements:

PC Intel or Alpha processor, Windows NT Server 4.0, 64M of RAM, 24M of free storage

The administration tools are top-notch, letting the administrator fine-tune deployment and use to make sure users and environments are protected.

That makes the package extremely useful to large computing organizations such as the Defense Department, which has had an enterprise license since October 1997 through a Defense Information Systems Agency contract.

DOD not only has licenses for all its machines but also for workers' home PCs. The ability to distribute updates and manage usage throughout such a large organization is paramount for proper antivirus practice.

One of Norton AntiVirus 5.0's most notable features is Scan and Deliver, which can submit new viruses to Symantec's research center for analysis.

The research center will respond with a fix or some kind of informational response.

Norton AntiVirus 5.0 for NT Server is yet another example of why the Norton product line is well-regarded.

Dealing with security and viruses is enough of a headache. Dealing with Anti-virus software itself should not be.


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