RAID subsystems store up to 225G

Dynamic Network Factory's Enterprise Series of plug-and-play RAID storage servers can range in capacity from 66G to 225G.

Each server comes with 64M to 128M of cache memory, 2M of synchronous dynamic RAM on each drive channel and 128M extended-data-out RAM in the RAID controller.

The RAID servers support Fast, Wide and Ultra SCSI host channels with a maximum transfer rate of 40 megabytes/sec.

All models can use a hard disk as an online hot standby.

The servers are compatible with Microsoft Windows 95, Windows NT, Novell NetWare, Unix and Mac OS.

The Enterprise RAID models are listed on the Hayward, Calif., company's General Services Administration Information Technology Schedule contract. Government prices range from $4,495 for a 60G Enterprise 2060 tower subsystem to $11,695 for a 225G Enterprise R2225 rackmount subsystem.

Contact Dynamic Network Factory at 510-733-0103.

Tape array controller is compatible

LibraryMaster, Ultera Systems Inc.'s tape array controller, has a robotics control module that works with existing tape hardware and software to maximize throughput and backup reliability.

LibraryMaster runs up to five parallel tape drives. A striping option combines bandwidth from multiple drives for adjustable backup speed.

The $14,550 tape controller works with all tape technologies and most backup software. The Laguna Hills, Calif., company sells LibraryMaster in tabletop or rackmount versions.

Contact Ultera Systems at 949-367-8800.

Globalstor drives are interoperable

Globalstor Data Corp.'s Plus series of 5.25-inch magneto-optical drives claim synchronous data transfer rates of up to 20 megabytes/sec and asynchronous rates up to 6.8 megabytes/sec through an Ultra SCSI interface.

The GS5200 Plus stores 5.2G with 8M of cache; the GS2600 Plus stores 2.6G with 4M of cache.

Both MO drives are read-write compatible with other MO and rewritable media in 512K and 1,024K sector sizes. The GS5200 Plus drive also is compatible with 5.2G-capacity media and other devices with 2,048K sector sizes.

Both Plus drives work in Windows 9x, NT, Unix, Linux, Novell NetWare and Mac OS environments.

The GS5200 Plus and GS2600 Plus drives are $1,899 and $1,299, respectively, on the Chatsworth, Calif., company's schedule contract.

Contact Globalstor Data at 818-701-7771.

Six tapes at the speed of one

Imager plug-and-play mirroring controllers from Ultera Systems Inc. can produce two or more backup tapes as fast as it can one.

To the user, the Imager controllers appear to work as a single drive or autoloader, but they in fact conduct simultaneous backups on two drives or autoloaders.

The Laguna Beach, Calif., company claims this cascading action can produce four, six or more copies without sacrificing speed.

The Imager 1 operates at a burst rate of up to 20 megabytes/sec over a SCSI host channel and records as fast as 10 megabytes/sec onto two drives or autoloaders.

The Imager 2 sustains data-transfer rates of up to 40 megabytes/sec and works with tape libraries.

Both Imager models are compatible with 32-bit Microsoft Windows. An internally mounted half-height controller is priced from about $4,000 on schedule contracts.

Desktop and rackmount units are also available.

Contact Ultera Systems at 949-367-8800.

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