$tate Y2K spending

$tate Y2K spending

In all, states estimate the cost of
date code work will top $3.8 billion

What's next?

GCN/State & Local:'When the year 2000 problem is out of the way, what do you plan to focus on most?


'We've been mostly backpedaling here. We want to focus on strategic planning next. We want to start upgrading our projects and work on things that will make us better, instead of just maintaining.'

Bob Royce

Management Information Systems Chief,

Fish and Game Department

St. Paul, Minn.

'Our regular work. We don't want to do another computer project for at least
a year. We've all had it. We've been in
this for at least three years. Everybody is just exhausted. Twenty percent of my staff has been working full time on this.'

Bob Kessler


Office of License Inspections and Environmental Protection

Oklahoma County, Okla.

'As a result of the year 2000, literally every system in the house had to be replaced. We're going to focus on new enhancements to these systems as everyone becomes comfortable with the new processes.'

Jerry Sevier

Management Information Systems Director


'We're going
to focus on e-commerce and e-government and get more into imaging systems. The year 2000 interrupted our plans to go ahead with client-server, data warehousing, e-commerce. We put all those things on hold. Now we can focus on distributed processes.'

Margaret Hansen

Year 2000 project director

Jefferson City, Mo.

'We're going to
get back to the backlog of user requests and projects that have been stacking up. We had to devote so many resources to year 2000 and putting in a whole new financial system. But as
for me personally, I plan to go to spring training
and watch my beloved Cardinals play.'

Jim Steinbruegge

Year 2000 Director,

Transportation Department


'The Y2K project took almost all of our system development and maintenance resources for a period of almost two years. In addition to working on the backlog of system maintenance requests that accumulated over the past two years, we will concentrate our efforts to make the tax return preparation and payment processes easier for the taxpayers. Among these initiatives are forms consolidation and expansion of electronic filing. Also, we are initiating efforts to improve internal processing procedures.'

Lewis A. Easterly


Revenue Department


'The protection of
our infrastructure and information security will be my next priority for Virginia. I believe strongly that the investment we make into infrastructure security will dwarf Y2K expenditures across the board. As the Internet and use of Web-enabled government programs expands exponentially, security will be the No. 1 21st century information technology priority.'

Don Upson

Technology Secretary

Nashua, N.H.

'We're concentrating on upgrading our infrastructure because we're looking to interconnect our city and school facilities. We also want to build a distributed environment that will empower our end users by directly giving them the systems tools and applications they need, rather than requiring them to rely on our department for that.'

Jim Pietrowski

Management Information Systems Manager

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