Analyzer delves deeper into network

Analyzer delves deeper into network

By Jason Byrne

GCN Staff

EtherPeek 3.1, a software traffic and protocol analyzer for networks, impressed me when I reviewed it a little more than a year ago [GCN, June 29, 1998, Page 1]. The new Version 3.6.1 is equally impressive.

EtherPeek troubleshoots network hardware and software, analyzes LAN throughput, and notifies the administrator of problems.

It decodes even more protocols and subprotocols than before, breaking down the packets, identifying data threads and going deep into what is happening on the network.

The new version, which runs under Microsoft Windows 2000, sets up a hierarchical view of packet decodes. That is not much different from before in terms of color-coding of related sections.

But the new view lets you collapse parts of the hierarchy tree you choose not to study, as well as see a better representation of each packet's makeup.

Box Score''''''''

EtherPeek 3.6.1

Network traffic and protocol analyzer

AG Group Inc.; Walnut Creek, Calif.;
tel. 800-466-2447

Price: $850 from Web site

+New, hierarchically decoded packet view

+Windows 2000-compatible

Real-life requirements:

Windows 9x or NT 4.0, 133-MHz
or faster Pentium PC, 32M of RAM, Network Device Interface Specifi-
cation 3-compatible Ethernet card, enough free storage to save captured packets; Apple Macintosh version available

Combined with the included AGNet Tools suite of IP utilities, EtherPeek continues to be an excellent choice as a general, all-around network analyzer.

The publisher, AG Group Inc., offers training for a variety of purposes.

The package has many plug-ins that extend its capabilities into such areas as monitoring a network for TCP Syn packet flood attacks and logging of Telnet sessions. Also available is a software developer's kit for creating custom plug-ins.
A totally rewritten EtherPeek 4.0 will be available late this year.

But network troubleshooters can't always afford to wait.

In the GCN Lab, I often find myself turning for help to EtherPeek's great tools. As much as I look forward to kicking the tires of the new version, EtherPeek 3.6.1 makes an excellent choice right now as an analyzer that can do a little bit of everything.

The version number might have changed, but my opinion of EtherPeek has not. It's still an A product.

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