Check out these 53 items that delivered the goods

Check out these 53 items that delivered the goods

List highlights products that either garnered the Reviewer's Choice or received an A from the GCN Lab

The GCN Lab designated these products as Reviewer's Choices so far in 1999:

Communicator 4.51 Web browser from Netscape Communications Corp. [GCN, April 26, Page 33]. Pros: good image performance; minimizes storage requirement. Con: application lacks features.

Deskpro EP Celeron PC from Compaq Computer Corp. [GCN, March 15, Page 41].

FrontPage 2000 Web authoring tool from Microsoft Corp. [GCN, June 14, Page 31]. Pro: as easy to use as a word processor. Con: content wizards should be more customizable.

HP Mopier 320 network printer from Hewlett-Packard Co. [GCN, Feb. 22, Page 25].

Jornada 420 handheld PC from Hewlett-Packard [GCN, June 7, Page 23]. Pros: bright color screen; easy penless access. Con: expensive for a palmtop.

MobilePro 770 handheld PC from NEC Computer Systems of Sacramento, Calif. [GCN, June 7, Page 23]. Pros: fast processor, snap-in rechargeable batteries. Con: poor voice playback.

MP-30T multimedia projector from Boxlight Corp. of Poulsbo, Wash. [GCN, May 10, Page 25].

NetObjects Fusion 4.0 Web authoring tool from NetObjects Inc. of Redwood City, Calif. [GCN, June 14, Page 31]. Pro: permits exact placement of all elements. Con: cannot show full HTML for raw coding.

NetViz 4.0 management tool from netViz Corp. of Rockville, Md. [GCN, March 29, Page 21]. Pro: best overall documentation tool. Con: takes time and resources.

NetworkCharter Pro management tool from Micrografx Inc. of Richardson, Texas [GCN, March 29, Page 21]. Pro: good overall diagramming tool. Con: needs more vendor-specific shapes.

Norton 2000 PC test tool from Symantec Corp. of Cupertino, Calif. [GCN, Jan. 11, Page 1]. Pro: solid all-around product. Con: weak interface.

PC 300 PL 550-MHz Pentium III from IBM Corp. [GCN, Aug. 30, Page 31]. Pro: superb performance. Con: sharp metal edges on external card slot protectors.

ProCurve 2424M network switch from Hewlett-Packard [GCN, May 3, Page 21].

Project 98 management software from Microsoft [GCN, July 5, Page 23].

QP6 Celeron PC from Quantex Micro-systems Inc. of Somerset, N.J. [GCN, March 15, Page 41].

Rocket eBook from NuvoMedia Inc. of Palo Alto, Calif. [GCN, Aug. 23, Page 31]. Pros: versatile form factor, crisp text display. Cons: screen somewhat dim; text navigation limited.

Studio Display LCD monitor from Apple Computer Inc. of Cupertino, Calif. [GCN, Aug. 9, Page 29]. Pro: beautiful color depth. Con: not viewable beyond 180-degree angle.

VP150 LCD monitor from ViewSonic Corp. of Walnut, Calif. [GCN, Aug. 9, Page 29]. Pros: Bright screen; snap-off back allows easy setup and cable storage. Con: footprint too large.

Zip 250M removable-media storage device from Iomega Corp. of Roy, Utah [GCN, Aug. 2, Page 23]. Pros: excellent value, great performance. Con: software tools only moderately useful.

The lab gave A grades to these products:

Acrobat 4.0 collaboration tool from Adobe Systems Inc. of Mountain View, Calif. [GCN, June 7, Page 1]. Pro: terrific printable downloads of Web pages. Con: integration glitch with Microsoft Office 2000.

Aelita Enterprise Suite PC management tool from Aelita Software Group of Columbus, Ohio [GCN, May 24, Page 29]. Pros: saves time and trouble in managing multiple systems; has innovative NT management tools. Con: a few trivial tools.

ApproveIt for Office public-key security utility from Silanis Technology Inc. of Dorval, Quebec [GCN, Aug. 2, Page 24]. Pros: secure document sending; any changes invalidate existing approval signatures. Con: installation conflicts with antivirus software.

CrossPad XP notetaker from Cross Pen Computing Group of Lincoln, R.I. [GCN, March 29, Page 1]. Pros: accurately records handwritten notes; long battery life. Con: spotty OCR performance, some synchronization problems.

Deskpro EP 500-MHz Pentium III PC from Compaq [GCN, March 8, Page 1]. Pro: a solid, well-performing client. Con: hard drive is a little sluggish.

Diamond Pro 900u 19-inch CRT monitor from Mitsubishi Display Products of Cy-press, Calif. [GCN, July 26, Page 23]. Pros: less eyestrain than with curved CRTs; good USB connectivity.

Digital Copy 320 printer add-on from Hewlett-Packard [GCN, Feb. 22, Page 28]. Pros: makes Mopier into a high-end copier. Con: doesn't perform scanning tasks.

Fix-It Utilities 99 PC management tool from Mijenix Corp. of Boulder, Colo. [GCN, June 14, Page 1]. Pros: registry fixer program especially good; excellent user interface. Con: performance problems with disk de-fragmentation tool.

HTML Shrinker 1.0 Web code condenser from Harald Heim, [email protected] [GCN, Aug. 2, Page 28]. Pro: optimizes Web pages for faster downloads. Con: optimized pages sometimes cannot be opened in original application.

Illustrator 8.0 from Adobe Systems [GCN, Feb. 8, Page 32]. Pro: easier to use than previous versions. Con: help menu not helpful enough for novices.

Image-Pro Plus 4.0 image analysis software from Media Cybernetics LP of Silver Spring, Md. [GCN, June 14, Page 35]. Pros: excellent image enhancement; can automate certain types of equipment; highly detailed and accurate. Con: difficult to learn.

Kinnetics Network Manager 2.11 from Loran Technologies Inc. of Vienna, Va. [GCN, April 5, Page 1]. Pros: platform-independent network management, excellent topology mapping and easy to use.

LaserJet 2100TN network laser printer from Hewlett-Packard [GCN, July 12, Page 37]. Pros: good-quality output, very easy to setup. Con: slow on large documents.

Latitude LTnotebook PC from Dell Computer Corp. [GCN, Jan. 25, Page 1]. Pro: full-featured notebook in a 3-pound package. Cons: needs touchpad Control Panel to prevent cursor misplacement; needs more RAM.

Lotus Domino 5.0 groupware product from Lotus Development Corp. [GCN, July 12, Page 33]. Pros: strong groupware capabilities; new client with intuitive, Web-like interface. Con: lots of training needed for administrators.

MacDrive 98 Mac-to-PC disk translator from Media4 Productions Inc. of West Des Moines, Iowa [GCN, Aug. 23, Page 1]. Pros: reads Mac files on PCs; works with various disk types; tiny size. Con: cannot read low-density Mac floppies.

Mobile Essentials 2.0 user connectivity profile software from Symantec [GCN, July 26, Page 23]. Pros: moves configuration tasks to administrator; profiles easy to create and distribute; users can be locked out from configuration tools.

MultiMobileUSB 56-Kbps USB mo-dem from Multi-Tech Systems Inc. of Mounds View, Minn. [GCN, July 26, Page 1]. Pros: full V.90 function; lightweight; plug and play for any USB port.

MultiVOIP MVP 200 voice-over-IP box from Multi-Tech Systems [GCN, June 28, Page 29]. Pros: free; reliable voice and fax communications; slight delay in voice communication. Con: high initial investment.

MX-500 FlashPath FD-A1 digital camera from Fuji Photo Film USA Inc. of Elmsford, N.Y. [GCN, April 5, Page 20]. Pros: FlashPath convenient and easy to use; good resolution. Cons: images somewhat washed-out; camera controls confusing.

NetWare 5 from Novell Inc. [GCN, Jan. 11, Page 21]. Pros: excellent performance and scalability; easy-to-use administration tools. Con: management not yet easy enough.

Network Unplugged software from Mobiliti Inc. of Edison, N.J. [GCN, Jan. 11, Page 22]. Pros: smart at choosing needed files; simulates office network interface closely; automatically updates when reconnected. Con: cannot anticipate needs with complete success.

OmniPage Pro 9.0 optical character recognition software from Caere Corp. of Los Gatos, Calif. [GCN, June 28, Page 31]. Pros: good OCR package with today's technology; tables and color graphics are handled well. Cons: pricey for casual use; practice needed to get full value.

PCTelecommute from Symantec [GCN, Feb. 22, Page 1]. Pros: easy to install; synchronizes files with office computer; acts as a fax server; can generate daily activity reports for managers.

Phaser 840 solid-wax printer from Tektronix Inc. [GCN, July 26, Page 24]. Pros: easy setup, crisp output. Con: costlier than color lasers but worth it.

Sceptre Soundx 7500 notebook from Sceptre Technologies Inc. of City of Industry, Calif. [GCN, April 12, Page 24]. Pros: good price-performance and video benchmark score; easily swappable drives. Con: performance glitch with CD-ROM drive.

Smart Card Security Kit encryption software from IBM [GCN, July 5, Page 1]. Pros: compact token security system, file encryption for extra security. Con: complex installation.

Solo 3150 Fireant 366-MHz Pentium II notebook from Gateway Inc. of North Sioux City, S.D. [GCN, July 12, Page 1]. Pro: integrated modem and NIC. Con: battery life a little short.

SQL Server 7.0 from Microsoft [GCN, March 8, Page 27]. Pros: self-tuning and easy to administer; good performance, scalability, replication, mobile support and OLAP services; full-text search capability; aggressive pricing. Cons: no Unix version; desktop version unavailable separately.

SurgeStop antisurge plug from Tele-Adapt Inc. of San Jose, Calif. [GCN, July 12, Page 38]. Pros: five models to fit most notebooks; lightweight and tiny. Con: lacks phone line surge protection.

ToughBook CF-27 notebook PC from Panasonic Personal Computer Co. of Secaucus, N.J. [GCN, May 24, Page 31]. Pros: ex-cellent durability at a good price; wireless communication option. Con: poor video performance.

Update AnyWare from GreenTree Technologies Inc. of Huntington Station, N.Y. [GCN, Feb. 8, Page 1]. Pros: free; simple Web and client-based interface; low resource requirements. Con: cannot download updates for every product you might have.

Viking 56K external modem from Viking Components Inc. of Rancho Santa Margarita, Calif. [GCN, March 15, Page 46]. Pros: space-saving design; fast; compatible with different protocols. Con: cord plug-in area cramped.

VMS 200 Video Mapping System from Red Hen Systems of Fort Collins, Colo. [GCN, April 26, Page 38]. Pros: marries video and Global Positioning System data; software easy to use and powerful. Cons: extras needed to make system work; cables unwieldy for field use.

GCN Lab assistant Donovan Campbell compiled this list.


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