Tool checks Microsoft products for 2000 readiness

Tool checks Microsoft products for 2000 readiness

Microsoft's Year 2000 Product Analyzer 2.0 gives information about the readiness of installed Microsoft products.

By Michael Cheek

GCN Staff

Microsoft Corp. takes year 2000 issues seriously. I know of no other software company that offers an application to analyze its own products for rollover readiness.

Microsoft recently released the second version of its Year 2000 Product Analyzer, available for download from the Web at Or you can get a free CD-ROM by calling 888-673-8925.

The second version improves on the original, particularly in its administrator version, which can scan other PCs and servers on a network.

The standard version scans only the local system.

From a wizard interface, the analyzer first checks for any readiness data updates on Microsoft's Web site. It automatically downloads and installs the updates without a reboot or relaunch of the application.

The analyzer takes only a few moments to scan all designated local drives for a Microsoft operating system and applications.

Afterward it generates a report, which can appear as a Web page, text file or database compatible with Microsoft Systems Management Server.

Box Score '''''''''
Year 2000 Product

Analyzer 2.0

Rollover readiness tool

Microsoft Corp.;

Redmond, Wash.;

tel. 888-673-8925

Price: Free

+Report lists rollover readiness for all Microsoft products

'Skips a few products and ignores applets within operating systems

Real-life requirements:

Windows 9x or NT 3.51 or 4.0, 486 or Pentium processor, 16M of RAM, 2M of free storage, Internet connection; Alpha processor version also available for download

The report lists many Microsoft products' readiness status and gives a working Web address for any repairs that might be needed. The links have complete technical information about how to make certain all components are rollover-ready.

I found, however, that the analyzer did skip some Microsoft products, including all applets within the Windows operating system.

It also skipped the Office suite application PhotoDraw 2000, although it listed the rest of Office's components.

Twice the listing

The analyzer noted that my test system running Windows NT Workstation 4.0 had Service Pack 5 installed, but it listed Service Pack 3 as well'twice.

I was baffled that it seemed to pick up Internet Explorer 2.0'a very old Web browser. I use Explorer 5.0.

Perhaps older browsers are never completely wiped out.

In general, this is a handy tool. Its updates make the Year 2000 Product Analyzer 2.0 an important tool for any readiness deployment, whether or not the PCs in question have a lot of Microsoft products on board.

It would be helpful if other big software companies did the same.

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