Security tool lets users run single e-mail system with both Unix, Windows clients

Security tool lets users run single e-mail system with both Unix, Windows clients

By William Jackson

GCN Staff

Nexor Inc. has extended its Defender product line for the Defense Message System with a client that supports Microsoft Exchange Server in Unix environments.

Defender Motif connects a desktop system running SunSoft Solaris to an Exchange mail server, making it possible to operate a single e-mail system with both Unix and Microsoft Windows clients.

Supply and demand

'Right now it handles the DMS Fortezza card as a security plug-in,' said Ed Harrington, vice president for business development and strategy for Nexor of Gaithersburg, Md. Other security plug-ins will be added, he said, but the Fortezza PC Card plug-in was the one 'the market people expressed the most interest in.'

Defender for Motif resembles Nexor's Defender for Outlook, which extends Microsoft Outlook clients to support DMS, but it has the Unix Motif interface.

Nexor got help from Microsoft Corp.'s DMS test facilities in Redmond, Wash., to design the Unix interface.

'The Exchange connection was pretty straightforward,' Harrington said, 'but we had to understand how Microsoft worked with DMS.'

Government users have been asking for a product with enterprisewide compatibility with Exchange, said Pete Hayes, general manager for Microsoft federal systems in Washington.

Hayes said some estimates show Exchange Server and Exchange DMS holding as much as 80 percent of the deployed DMS market.

Harrington said future versions of Defender might work with other flavors of Unix, depending on demand. But the likeliest changes will be support for other security protocols, such as Secure Multiple Internet Mail Extensions.

He said the National Security Agency is beta-testing Defender, which will likely be released soon at about $200 per client.'

Contact Nexor at 301-258-7000.

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