PCI card makes phone calls

PCI card makes phone calls

Quicknet Technologies Inc. of San Francisco late this year will release the Internet PhoneJack-PCI card to provide cell-phone voice quality over the Internet using analog telephone equipment.

The 32-bit, full-duplex PCI card works under Microsoft Windows 9x, Windows NT 4.0 and Linux. Quicknet says the card is compatible with phone systems in 165 countries. The card does audio acceleration and echo cancellation in hardware without using the host computer's CPU or sound card.

Quicknet's Internet SwitchBoard gateway software works with the card's audio compression to improve voice clarity and reduce latency to the level familiar in cellular phone calls.

The $159.95 card complies with the international H.323 standard for computer telephony and can make calls to and receive calls from other H.323 applications. It requires a 66-MHz 486 or faster PC with an available PCI slot.

Contact Quicknet at 415-864-5225.

'Frank Tiboni and William Jackson

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