Cisco's new router adds voice over IP capability

Cisco's new router adds voice over IP capability

Cisco's 1750 multiservice router has three slots for voice or WAN interface cards; it can accommodate 24 PBX stations.

Designed for small and midsize offices, the 1750 is ready for more bundled voice and data services

By William Jackson

GCN Staff

Cisco Systems Inc. has added voice over IP capability and three slots for voice or WAN interface cards to its 1750 modular access router for small and midsize offices.

It is similar to the 1720, which was introduced last November. But the 1720 supports data only and has two NIC slots.

The San Jose, Calif., company already sells the 2600, 3600, 7200 and 7500 multiservice voice and data routers for large offices. Multiservice switches integrate voice and data traffic over one network, saving the cost of long-distance or dedicated lines between offices and limiting maintenance work to one communications network.

Over the next nine months, said Sudharsan Madabusi, product manager for the 1700 series, most new routers will be bought for their future-proofing potential.

Next year, as carriers begin offering more bundled voice and data services, buyers will start with multiservice use immediately, he said.

In addition to three slots for voice and data interface cards, the 1750 has an autosensing 10/100-Mbps Fast Ethernet port and an expansion slot for an encryption card now under development. The router supports the Data Encryption Standard and Triple DES encryption.

Voice interface cards can connect the 1750 to private branch exchanges, key systems, fax machines and telephones. With six ports to handle trunk lines, the 1750 accommodates up to 24 PBX stations.

Voice packets can be prioritized ahead of data packets for better sound quality.

The router comes in three models. A data-only model, which can be upgraded for voice service, is $1,795.

A two-port multiservice model is $2,295, and a four-port multiservice model is $2,695.

Contact Cisco at 800-553-6387.

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