Scanner suite sports improved features for risk assessment

Scanner suite sports improved features for risk assessment

Oracle database risk assessment and management features are more robust in the new release of Internet Security Systems Database Scanner software.

By William Jackson

GCN Staff

Internet Security Systems Inc. of Atlanta has expanded its Scanner suite's ability to recognize system vulnerabilities and added to the platforms on which Scanner products will run.

Internet Scanner, the flagship product, does network risk assessment.

System Scanner does host assessment for locking down Unix and Windows desktop systems and servers, and Database Scanner helps manage risks on relational database platforms.

Most systems can be adequately secured with existing hardware and software, but their weaknesses must be known for proper product configuration, said Patrick J.D. Taylor, vice president of strategic marketing.

Specific target

The Scanner products focus exclusively on risk assessment and management.

New features in Internet Scanner 6.0 include X-Press Updates, which automatically updates threat signatures and information about countermeasures online; does 24 checks for evidence of back-door programs such as Back Orifice 2000; and integrates with Database Scanner when a database server is identified on the network.

Database Scanner 3.0 now works with Oracle Corp. Oracle7 Release 7.3 and Oracle8 database management systems under Unix and Microsoft Windows NT.

It also supports Microsoft SQL Server and Sybase Inc. Adaptive Server.

System Scanner 4.0 runs on about two dozen platforms, including Linux, other Unix versions, NT and Novell NetWare. Security policies are customizable, and System Scanner can respond to policy violations with pager and e-mail alerts, or with Simple Network Management Protocol traps under management systems such as Hewlett-Packard Co. OpenView or Tivoli/TME Enterprise Manager from Tivoli Systems Inc. of Austin, Texas.

Internet Scanner lists for $2,795 for a 30-device license and $4,995 for a 254-device license.

System Scanner is $695 for a single server license and $6,250 for a 10-server license. Database Scanner starts at $995 per database server.'All the products can be downloaded from the Web, at

Contact Internet Security Systems at 800-776-2362.


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