Top vendors bring out new, bargain Pentium III systems

Top vendors bring out new, bargain Pentium III systems

By Susan M. Menke

GCN Staff

Forecasting no end to the price-performance boom, top PC makers last month brought out 600-MHz Pentium III systems for little more than what slower predecessors cost. Most of the new 600s offer a choice of a slimline form factor in addition to standard desktop and minitower configurations.

Compaq's Deskpro EN series starts at $2,239 with an S700 monitor, an ATI Rage Pro Turbo Accelerated Graphics Port 2x card, a hard drive of up to 10G and a CD-ROM drive up to 32X. Compaq's Professional Workstation AP200 and AP400 single- and dual-processor models start at $2,671.

Dell prices its OptiPlex GX1p minitower at $3,723 with 128M of RAM, 8M of video RAM, integrated 10/100-Mbps network interface and Microsoft Windows NT 4.0.

Hewlett-Packard has put the 600-MHz Pentium III into all its lines of Vectra PCs, Kayak workstations and NetServers. The Kayak models have a Matrox Millennium graphics accelerator with 16M of video RAM that can support two displays. The user can run separate applications on the monitors or show multiple screens of the same app.

A Kayak XU minitower with 128M of RAM, a 9.1G hard drive, a 32X CD-ROM drive and NT 4.0 is $3,509. The compact-style NetServer LPr with dual 600-MHz processors, up to 1G of RAM and four 32-bit PCI expansion slots is $4,230.

Intergraph Corp. of Huntsville, Ala., puts a $3,149 price tag on its 600-MHz TDZ 2000 GL2 with a Wildcat 4105 graphics accelerator, 128M of RAM, special graphics pipelining, a 9.1G hard drive, a 40X maximum CD-ROM drive and NT 4.0.

Micron Electronics Inc. of Nampa, Idaho, starts its 600-MHz ClientPro systems at $2,199, with a year of Internet access for $12.95 extra per month. A standard ClientPro has 128M of RAM, a 13G hard drive, integrated 10/100-Mbps network interface, a 40X CD-ROM drive, a 17-inch monitor, NT 4.0 and client management software.

NEC Computer Systems Division of Mountain View, Calif., charges $1,599 for a 600-MHz PowerMate ES 5200 with 32M of RAM, a 4.3G hard drive, a 40X CD-ROM drive and 10/100-Mbps network interface. Unlike the other systems, it comes with preinstalled Windows 98.


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