You can troubleshoot NetPro's Active Directory without waiting for Windows 2000's release

You can troubleshoot NetPro's Active Directory without waiting for Windows 2000's release

Months before the arrival of Microsoft Windows 2000 Server, NetPro Computing Inc. has released its DirectoryAnalyzer software for troubleshooting the new network operating system's Active Directory.

NetPro marketing vice president Adele Revella said the early release came at the request of user sites that are evaluating a migration to Windows 2000 and its directory service. NetPro also sells a sister product for Novell Directory Services, called DS Analyzer 1.0.

DirectoryAnalyzer monitors Active Directory's domains, domain controllers and Domain Name System functions. It alerts the administrator to problems such as incorrect directory replication across distributed servers. Revella said Windows NT users are accustomed to servers that can operate independently. Windows 2000, however, will demand constant availability from all its distributed servers.

DirectoryAnalyzer's software agents monitor and visually present the status of distributed directories.

The agents also can report to Computer Associates International Inc.'s CA-Unicenter TNG and Hewlett-Packard OpenView management platforms.

NetPro of Scottsdale, Ariz., sells the product for $14 per user object, counting each user, user role, printer, server and workstation separately.

Contact NetPro at 602-941-3639.


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