DOE creates research site

DOE creates research site

The Energy Department's Office of Science last week launched the PubScience Web site to help researchers access peer-reviewed articles online.

The site, at, lets users navigate across hundreds of bibliographic citations from multiple scientific journals. Visitors can link directly to a publisher's site to view full-text documents, said R.L. Scott, OSTI's associate manager.

Approximately 500 scientific and technical journals from more than 20 publishers are searchable from the PubScience site. Three Sun Microsystems servers'a 200-MHz Enterprise 1000, an Enterprise 3000 with four 250-MHz CPUs and a 400-MHz Enterprise 4500'host the site, Scott said. Located at the Government Printing Office, the servers run SunSoft Solaris 2.7 and each have 10.3G of RAM and a 100G hard drive.

The National Institutes of Health has begun work on a similar Web project, but NIH also plans to provide online access to research materials that have not gone through peer review [GCN, Oct. 4, Page 1].

'Frank Tiboni, Shruti Dat' and William Jackson

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