Media converters extend networks via single-mode

Media converters extend networks via single-mode

By William Jackson

GCN Staff

The Long Haul family of media converters from Transition Networks Inc. of Minneapolis claims to extend networks up to 80 kilometers via single-mode fiber.

Three different Long Haul converters convert copper to single-mode fiber and span distances of 40, 60 or 80 kilometers (24.8, 37.2 or 49.6 miles). Previous converters were limited to 20 km.

Two products convert multimode to single-mode fiber. One takes Gigabit Ethernet networks as far as 25 km, or 15.5 miles, and the other extends Fast Ethernet and asynchronous transfer mode networks up to 40 km on single-mode fiber.

Long Haul converters are available as standalone units and as modules for Transition Networks' Conversion Center, a media conversion platform that supports copper-to-fiber conversion for Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, ATM, Fiber Distributed Data Interface and token-ring media.

The copper-to-single-mode converters are $1,595, $1,995 and $2,555 for 40 km, 60 km and 80 km, respectively. The Gigabit Ethernet multimode-to-single-mode converter is $2,795, and the multimode-to-single-mode ATM and Fast Ethernet converter is $1,455.

Contact Transition Networks at 800-526-9267.

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