USGS has its date code ready

USGS has its date code ready

The Geological Survey has certified that all its computers will work into 2000.

USGS identified, fixed and tested hardware, software and embedded systems at more than 300 sites, including systems that provide flood warnings and detect earthquakes, said Fred Travnicek, the agency's year 2000 program coordinator.

'We know how critical it is that all our systems continue to function and deliver reliable, accurate and timely data to emergency personnel, local and state officials, and other federal agencies,' he said.

A USGS team began tackling the year 2000 problem in early 1997. The agency's technical staff will report to work on Dec. 31 to monitor computers, communications systems, and scientific instrumentation and equipment during the rollover, Travnicek said.

'Frank Tiboni, Shruti Dat' and William Jackson

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