IT unit aims to satisfy its customers

IT unit aims to satisfy its customers


Miami-Dade County's Information Technology Department has begun ramping up customer service to the agencies it serves on a fee basis.

'Although we have been able to maintain our fundamental objectives, such as radio and telephony, we have not been able to have the level of responsiveness to our customers and the working relationship that we have wanted,' director Manny Garcia said.

So he developed a three-step action plan, which was approved by the county manager in January, to improve customer satisfaction:
  • Create a Customer Services Division staffed with business analysts assigned to particular agencies and responsible for communicating their objectives, concerns or problems about IT.
  • Improve internal administrative systems to support a more efficient billing process that gives customers a more meaningful view of what they're buying.
  • Reorganize the department to be less splintered into groups such as radio, telephony and telecommunications, and become more of an umbrella technology services organization.

The department has completed the first phase and has created an online directory of services that agencies can access via the countywide intranet. Next on the agenda is a single service request desk to improve responsiveness, Garcia said.

Garcia plans to complete the second phase next year but said the reorganization will take longer.

'We're having our employees involved in the process to look at the way we do business,' Garcia said.

With their help, he hopes to develop improvements in customer service and to increase efficiency, he said.

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