This little card will give portable users access to ATM on the road

This little card will give portable users access to ATM on the road

Network interface card manufacturer Ix-
micro of San Jose, Calif., is breaking new ground with an asynchronous transfer mode adapter that fits into the CardBus slot of any portable or notebook computer.

The ADSL/VDSL/ATM 8854 CardBus Adapter lets computers running Microsoft Windows 98 or 2000, or the Mac OS, communicate with the Internet or other computers, file servers, printers and other devices connected to ATM networks.

Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Lines and very-high-data-rate digital subscriber lines are two transmission technologies used to transmit ATM cells over telephone wires.

They can provide data throughput at speeds 120 times to 500 times faster than a 56-Kbps modem.

The 8854 Adapter can be installed in any CardBus slot and linked to an ADSL/ VDSL external modem or directly to an ATM network.

It will give portable computer users access to the same high-bandwidth applications, such as video on demand, videoconferencing, financial modeling, remote medical care and distance learning via ATM networks, that desktop PCs and workstations have.

It is configured as a Type II PC Card and includes an external RJ-45 module for $199. It will be available by the end of this year, according to Ixmicro spokesman, Scott Tarpley.

Contact Ixmicro at 408-369-8282

'J.B. Miles

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