Handy little device can duplicate disks quickly as it keeps them cool

Handy little device can duplicate disks quickly as it keeps them cool

A handheld hard disk duplicator from Greystone Peripherals, a subsidiary of PubliCard Corp. of Fairfield, Conn., transfers 400 megabytes per minute in either direction between dissimilar PC drives and operating systems.

Company representatives say the $895 D-101 unit has users in the FBI, CIA, NASA and Army and at several sheriff's departments.

The device can transfer data through a PC's IDE interface or parallel port and comes equipped with a cooling fan to prevent the hard drives from overheating during transfers.

The representatives say the D-101 automatically detects load size and makes sure a target drive's partitions are properly scaled before loading a master image. Functions include:

• Scan, to confirm that every sector is readable

• Write/read, to verify that sectors are writable, readable and uniquely addressable

• Seek, to confirm the drive's ability to seek data properly

• Wipeout, to clear a drive according to Defense Department standards for data removal

• Smart, to enable reporting of failure predictions

• Remap, to recover data from bad clusters.

More information about the D-101 appears on the Web at www.publicard.com and www.grystone.com.

Contact PubliCard at 203-254-3900.

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