High court gets archives case

High court gets archives case

Public Citizen last week filed a petition asking the Supreme Court to reverse a lower-court ruling that lets agencies delete electronic records as long as they have made copies in some format.

The Washington public-interest group originally had succeeded in a lawsuit to have the National Archives and Records Administration policy banned. But the government successfully appealed the ruling that had made General Records Schedule 20 null and void.

'The format of records is clearly relevant to their value, and the archivists' decision to treat it as irrelevant deprives the public and future generations of access to important government records,' an increasing number of which are created electronically, Public Citizen lawyer Michael Tankersley said.

The petition is available on the Web at www.citizen.org/litigation/briefs/pccar114.pdf.

'Christopher J. Dorobek, Susan M. Menke and Patricia Daukantas

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