Nortel builds in firewall services for Secure DSL

Nortel builds in firewall services for Secure DSL

By William Jackson
GCN Staff

Nortel Networks Corp. has added Secure DSL firewall services to its Shasta 5000 Broadband Service Node as a way to protect always-on digital subscriber lines from intruders.

DSL provides high-speed access through existing telephone lines, but early adopters have found that the convenience of an always-on network connection has a drawback: hacker attention.

Nortel, of Brampton, Ontario, acquired the 5000 BSN when it bought Shasta Networks of Sunnyvale, Calif., in April. The node sits at the subscriber edge of a carrier's or Internet provider's local copper loop. It has more than 100 CPUs and can aggregate thousands of DSL subscribers on one chassis.

The $30,000 node supports all flavors of DSL and all types of consumer premises equipment. The firewall performs stateful packet inspection, verifying that the destinations of inbound packets match the addresses from which they were requested.

Contact Nortel's Shasta IP Services Unit at 408-855-3800.

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