Thin clients from NCD and HP are due to arrive in 2000

Thin clients from NCD and HP are due to arrive in 2000

Network Computing Devices Inc. of Mountain View, Calif., a supplier of terminals that run Microsoft Windows and other operating systems, will introduce a terminal called the ThinStor 400 early next year.

The thin client will run not under Windows CE but under Microsoft's more complete Embedded Windows NT operating system, or NTE.

Like its workstation and server counterparts, NTE has drivers for thousands of plug-in devices. The ThinStor 400 will have a PCI expansion slot for adding devices for which NTE drivers are available.

Triple-digit prices

The company expects the price to be around $900, said David Perry, director of worldwide marketing.

Hewlett-Packard Co. also plans a thin client. Achim Kuttler, marketing manager for business desktop PCs, said HP's E-PC is a sealed box with no expansion capability and only an optional CD-ROM drive. Networking, graphics and sound are integrated on the motherboard, Kuttler said.

Pricing has not been determined, but the E-PC will cost less than HP's lowest-priced, $799 full-featured Vectra. The E-PC should be ready in March, Kuttler said.

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