Web carries e-services to Beantown

Web carries e-services to Beantown

Boston is up and running with electronic government at www.cityofboston.com.

Last April, the city's E-Government Division launched its first financial Web application, through which car owners can pay the state-imposed automobile excise tax. The site, which accepts credit card payments, had collected $320,000 in excise taxes as of early December.

In July, parking ticket payments came online. Next will be personal property tax payments, information technology director W. Todd Sims said.

'We intend ultimately to open up the site and deliver as many financially oriented applications as possible,' he said.

Dog data

On the nonfinancial side, people can download dog license forms, access dog demographic data and check the assessed value of any property in the city. They can also access the Taxpayer Referral Assistance Center, which aggregates all city information about taxes and fees from various departments.

New residents can turn to the Who Am I? application, which provides neighborhood maps and information about police stations, schools, community centers, City Council representatives, neighborhood coordinators and other contacts.

'It's kind of a little cheat sheet about everything in your neighborhood,' Sims said.

The applications run in Microsoft Active Server Pages under Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 on a VisionBase 880R eight-way server from Hitachi Data Systems Corp. The city plans to upgrade the server soon [GCN/State & Local, October 1998, Page 8].

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