VETS gets help with GPRA aims

VETS gets help with GPRA aims

The Labor Department recently awarded Federal Data Corp. of Bethesda, Md., a task order to aid the Veterans Employment and Training Service in fulfilling mandates of the Government Performance and Results Act.

Under the provisions of GPRA, federal agencies must develop strategic and annual performance plans, specify expected program results, and publish annual performance reports.

Set goals

FDC will help VETS redraft its strategic and annual performance plans. The first phase of the task order will include developing strategic goals. FDC will assess the quality of VETS performance data for each goal and measure the agency's GPRA plans. The task order also includes provisions for training courses in performance measurement development and knowledge transfer.

•'Labor made it through the year 2000 rollover without a hitch, deputy chief information officer Laura Callahan said. 'Everything worked well,' she said.

The department's network communication system testing was completed four hours ahead of schedule, Callahan said.

Labor's Year 2000 Emergency Communication Center and its agencies kept an eye on the status of 34 buildings critical to operations, 61 mission-critical systems, and any systems intrusion or virus activity.

The center conducted detailed testing of all components, disabled systems for a couple of hours on New Year's Eve and walked through the date transition without a glitch to report to the President's Year 2000 Conversion Information Coordination Center.

'I attribute it to all the preparation we did,' said Veronica Campbell, the Year 2000 Conversion Team program manager.

The conversion team will continue monitoring systems and will increase its hours of operation for the leap year day on Feb. 29.

•'Labor's Office of the CIO last February implemented its integrated planning and management framework to develop the fiscal 2001 information technology budget.

The Capital Planning and Investment Management Process integrates Labor's IT strategic planning, architecture management and core capabilities with its capital planning and budget management.

The system is directed by the CIO but requires participation from all department agencies 'to drive daily IT operations through a clear set of goals and performance measures,' said John Low, program manager for Labor contractor Booz-Allen & Hamilton Inc. of McLean, Va.

Officials said the process has helped Labor issue the departmentwide fiscal 2000-2004 IT Strategic Plan. The alignment of the IT budget and strategic planning is coordinated through Labor's Technical Review Board and Management Council.

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