In many IT shops, jobs roll over with new year and new projects

In many IT shops, jobs roll over with new year and new projects

By Shruti Dat'
GCN Staff

In the coming weeks, expect to see some rounds of musical chairs within the government's information technology shops.

As agencies determine that systems are free of date code woes, they will begin reassigning workers who for months have been dedicated exclusively to year 2000 project teams. In some cases, the workers themselves will be seeking new posts.

Some shifting has already begun, most notably with the two leaders of the Chief Information Officers Council's Year 2000 Committee. They have both taken new jobs.

Shirley A. Malia, the committee's chairwoman, recently moved to the Commerce Department's Critical Infrastructure Assurance Office from her CIO post at the Labor Department. At CIAO, she will spearhead the government's efforts to establish a security cybercorps and attract new IT security workers by offering college scholarships in exchange for federal employment.

Kathleen M. Adams, the Social Security Administration's former assistant deputy commissioner of systems who led the agency's year 2000 efforts, took early retirement and left government last year for a job with SRA International Inc. of Arlington, Va.

Adams and Malia served as co-chairwomen of the council's Year 2000 Committee.

Kenneth Howard, director of Labor's year 2000 conversion team, said he will go back to the Coal Mine Safety and Health Administration as its deputy administrator. Howard said he headed the conversion team because he brought crisis management skills to the table'he has no IT background.

To the Web

Richard Lewis, who serves as a project manager on the Labor conversion team, said he hopes to work on Web projects at the department. He added he would be able to apply the management skills acquired from the remediation process to other major IT projects.

Pam Woodside, who led the year 2000 effort at the Housing and Urban Development Department, said she has been appointed HUD's director of systems integration and efficiencies.

Some federal officials said they have been so busy finishing up date code work that they have not focused on post-year 2000 projects. Ed Springer, an Office of Management and Budget policy analyst who has been working on year 2000 issues, said he is unsure what he will work on next.

Year 2000 czar John A. Koskinen said he does not know what his next job will be after he finishes his duty as chairman of the President's Council on the Year 2000 Conversion.

Ditto for David E. Ames, the State Department's deputy CIO for year 2000. 'I'll continue in IT, probably,' he said.


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