Here's how the lab tested the three 500 MHz-Pentium III notebook PCs

Here's how the lab tested the three 500 MHz-Pentium III notebook PCs

The GCN Lab requested notebook submissions that met these specifications: 500-MHz Pentium III processor, 128M of RAM, a 13.3- or 14.1-inch active-matrix display, an 8G to 12G hard drive, a dual-spindle design with CD-ROM or DVD drive, a maximum weight of 7 pounds and preinstalled Microsoft Windows 98.

•'Using Ziff-Davis Benchmark Operation test suites, the lab staff tested all the notebooks several times and in the same order on Business Winstone 99 Version 1.1 and WinBench 99 Version 1.1, which includes CPUmark 99, Business Graphics WinMark 99 and Business Disk WinMark 99.

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•'The lab staff also ran a maximum-drain test to determine minimum battery life and rounded up the results to the next quarter-hour. The test keeps all spindles going and the display and the processor active.

•'The grade comprises scores for three factors: usability (60 percent), features and configuration (20 percent), and performance (20 percent).


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