T3 goes wireless for long hops

T3 goes wireless for long hops

A pair of 45-Mbps Lynx DS-3 fixed wireless microwave radios from Western Multiplex Corp. of Sunnyvale, Calif., can join LANs or WANs in buildings up to 15 miles apart, company president Amir Zoufonoun said at last month's ComNet trade show in Washington.

The Lynx DS-3, a finalist in ComNet's best wireless product category, provides full-duplex T3 connectivity over line-of-sight spans only. Zoufonoun said military, emergency and police sites use the company's wireless links for temporary as well as permanent network connections.

Administrators can install the units' small antennas for distances up to about five miles, but they must have sturdy towers and installation assistance to focus a signal over longer routes. A pair of the units costs about $30,000.

Contact Western Multiplex at 408-542-5200.

'Christopher J. Dorobek, Susan M. Menke and Shruti Dat'

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