Win 2000 meets FIPS 140-1 requirements

Win 2000 meets FIPS 140-1 requirements

By Michael Cheek

GCN Staff

FEB. 7'Microsoft Windows 2000 may be new, but its cryptography isn't. That's a bonus for federal users because Microsoft received swift approval of the new operating system as compliant with Federal Information Processing Standard 140-1.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology last year approved the CryptoAPI cryptography modules in Windows NT 4.0 with Service Pack 6 as compliant with the government's encryption standard.

Microsoft Corp. uses CryptoAPI in all of its versions of Win 2000. The official release date for the new OS is Feb. 17.

CryptoAPI is a series of software modules that provide file encryption, key management and hashing functions using the following algorithms: the Data Encryption Standard, Triple DES, Secure Hash Algorithm and Digital Signature Algorithm.

Microsoft has also submitted Win 2000 for C2 certification testing for compliance with the National Security Agency's C2 security rating. NT 4.0 received a C2 rating in November and test officials said it would likely take a couple of years for the NT successor to clear the NSA certification hurdle.

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