After Windows 2000, expect Windows Me from Microsoft Corp.

After Windows 2000, expect Windows Me from Microsoft Corp.

By Michael Cheek

GCN Staff

FEB. 8—Even before Microsoft Corp.'s newest operating system makes it out the door, industry insiders are talking about the next OS expected later this year.

The successor to Windows 98 is expected to be called Windows Me, short for Millennium Edition. Formerly known by its code name, Millennium, Microsoft officials recently confirmed the OS name.

The update to the 9x kernel offers incremental advantages over current Win 9x, including digital media compatibility, home networking, improved online experience and integrated monitoring of a PC's health, a Microsoft official said.

Originally, Microsoft had not planned to continue the Win 9x line in favor of adding more OSes using the stable, crash-resistant NT kernel. But last year, Microsoft president Steve Ballmer announced the 9x kernel would continue with a new version.

Microsoft officially begins selling Windows 2000, its NT 4.0 successor, on Feb. 17.

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