Pennsylvania high school plans to capture intruders digitally

Pennsylvania high school plans to capture intruders digitally

East Stroudsburg High School in Pennsylvania is installing the Intelligent Selection surveillance system from Gray Electronics of Kyle, Texas.

The system downloads data-encoded digital photographs to a network rather than continually taping certain areas.

Here's a scenario of how the system would work:

''An intruder with a propane tank bomb enters a school's back hallway during the weekend.

''Infrared sensors near one of the school's surveillance cameras detect a temperature change in the hallway and send a signal through an encoder to a multiplexer connected to a PC running Intelligent Selection software. The system accesses predefined alarm indicators and determines that the situation warrants an alarm.

''The software selects the appropriate camera and captures still digital pictures from the scene. It digitally encodes the time, date, camera number and alarm number on the photos and compresses the files to 1/100th of their normal size for storage.

''Intelligent Selection deposits photos and data into its database on the network. If the intruder enters other rooms with camera detection, the system continues to record the action.

''If the school's burglar alarm is armed, it notifies the police or a security agency of the break-in. If the police are connected to the system, they pull up photos immediately before dispatching units. If, say, a janitor disarmed the burglar alarm, a school administrator comes in Monday morning, sorts the pictures and reviews the weekend traffic. He notices the intruder, evacuates the school and calls the authorities.

''Police defuse the bomb, then use the photos and data to catch and convict the bomber.

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