DOD completing check for compromised systems

DOD completing check for compromised systems

By Bill Murray

GCN Staff

FEB. 16'Defense Department network administrators have until the close of business tomorrow to check their PC and server hard drives to see whether hackers have loaded denial of service tools onto them, a Pentagon spokesman said. Yesterday afternoon, DOD officials said they had so far found no evidence of such tools on a military system.

The U.S. Space Command's Joint Task Force for Computer Network Defense issued the deadline message on Feb. 10, said Rear Adm. Craig Quigley. Several sustained attacks hit, and other popular commercial Web sites last week. Hackers harnessed third party systems from which to launch message storms that overwhelmed the targeted sites, knocking them out of service for hours.

If attacked, DOD officials can take affected servers offline or they can divert traffic to another server, Quigley said. They also can block certain computers and IP addresses from sending e-mail to them in the future, he said.

DOD maintains about two million computers. If the department follows the same process previously used in reporting viruses and hacker attacks, network operations centers will report their findings to their service's computer emergency response teams, which will forward to JTF-CND.

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